Panorama Elafonisos

the island

Elafonisos, a small island on the southern edge of Laconian Bay, between the Peloponnese and Kithira, is a focal point on the sea route from North to West (east cost of Peloponnese, Italy) and from North to South or East (Crete , Egypt, etc.).

The island of Elafonisos, the area of Pounta and the wider area of ​​the south eastern edge of Peloponnese, including Stroggili lagoon up to Maggano, the islet of Pavlopetri, as well as the small islets around the island, constitute wider Elafonisos. There the time and people have kept the traditional island color unchanged and life flows in calm rhythms.

The Community District of Elafonisos consists of the village of Elafonisos and the settlements of Kapari, Kato Nisi, Lefki and Pounta. The settlements are sparsely populated and characterized for their natural beauty, while the three of them Kato Nisi, Pounta and Lefki distinguished for their homonymous beaches.

In the village of Elafonisos there are the Town Hall and its services, schools, the Regional Medical Center and the port that plays the role of the central square and is a point of local events.

Elafonisos has a unique natural wealth, exceptional landscapes and beaches, historic churches built on the ruins of Byzantine and older buildings, important folklore based on the naval tradition of the place, and well-hidden underwater secrets.

In Fountianika area, in the northeast of the island, one can enjoy a beautiful landscape. Within an image coexist, from a symbol of ancient civilization, Pavlopetri islet and imperious Cape Malia on the other.

In the center of the island, Vardia, is the highest point of Elafonisos, altitude of 276m. From here you can enjoy the beautiful scenery from Sarakiniko and the Strait of Elafonisos to Kithira and the famous – accession on Monuments List of World Natural and Cultural Heritage of UNESCO  – Peninsula of Maleas.

Also, one of the natural attractions that one can enjoy during short cruises that touring boats make around the island, is Karantrea cave, on the south side, in the sea, before Lefkis bay. The point is only accessible by sea.