Panorama Elafonisos


The complex of rented rooms  – apartments, Panorama, welcomes you to the island of Elafonisos, which has been a pole of attraction for high-level vacations in recent years.

The colors of the complex, the beautiful outdoors, the beautiful pergolas, the calm scenery, the scents of nature give immediately the impression to the visitor that it is located on the most beautiful and picturesque island of Greece.

Panorama comes to meet the hospitality needs of Elafonisos guests for quality hospitality, excellent service and true service.

Staying with us will give you tranquility, relaxation and a desire to be close to us every summer.

Panorama consists of apartments, each of which has the ability to serve from 2 to 4 people. The rooms are fully equipped with large and independent verandas with views.

Finally, in a special room at the reception you can prepare your coffee and enjoy it in our nicely decorated exterior space while we have our own parking space.

Browse our rooms and do not hesitate to contact us.